Monday, April 20, 2009


our doofus president is on such a tear/tour to prove he isn't George Bush, to ingratiate himself to those who would just as soon spit in his soup that he's running around apologizing for America, bowing to terrorist sponsors and shaking hands with Chavez (who then insults our president). Way to go. He's knocking himself out to ass kiss those who don't like him.

I'm kinda surprised he isn't in my living room with an ipod and a songbook. If only he had any real issues to deal with.


  1. The iPod would only have his own speeches. Barf!

  2. ohhh my,

    Where to begin. Chavez hands Obama a book to read, certainly that was awkward - and cheesy. With OB it's keep your friends close and your enemies closer, that together with his "team of rivals" and all the rest of this "change" is starting turning more stomachs than heads.


  3. Maybe he's so busy being hopeful he doesn't have time to think about what he's doing.


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