Thursday, March 26, 2009


things that have really irritated me this week:
  • due to our craptastic economy or total lack thereof I have learned that my already meager salary will (for the foreseeable future) be reduced by 3% - it amounts to more than you'd think, I promise.
  • due to our craptastic economy or total lack thereof the MTA has announced transit fare hikes. These hikes will really help enhance my standard of substandard living.
  • Out of my work team of 6 my 3 favorite co-workers are leaving at the end of the spring. Of the two who are remaining I really like one and I really dislike the other. Work is definitely going to be way less fun with those 3 gone and I'm really bummed about it. Even though I can now claim the best spot in my office.
  • My entire taking people at their actions and not their words plan has been a fairly disappointing and eye opening experience. Granted, I'm pretty cynical to begin with but even I've been taken aback. Some people... wow, just wow.
  • My right boob kinda hurts (weird and yes, I've already scheduled the dr. appt. fun!)
  • I can't stand the new Facebook layout. Can't stand.
  • I've had a recurring cold for weeks. Awhile ago I went to the dr., was prescribed some medicine, got better. Now I'm sick again. Have been for 2 weeks. I made a dr. appt for tomorrow. Called today to confirm and the receptionist said "no, you're appointment is for today, Thursday. The doctor isn't even in tomorrow." Now Thursdays are my nightmare days at work, the day where I am the absolute busiest and most crazed. There's NO WAY I'd have made an appt for Thursday. Yet, seems I did. So I left work and raced over to the office only to be told... yes, you see where this is going, don't you? So I get to do that again tomorrow.
Those are enough gripes for one week, right?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it must be nice

to have absolutely nothing to do but redecorate your home. Install a swing set. Create a vegetable garden. Dye your fountain water St. Paddy's green. Fly to L.A. to hang out with that pathetic, unfunny, windbag; Leno. Follow the NCAA to the point where you've got your brackets down pat.

But I'm not the President, I'm busy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

birthday wish

I'm fully hoping that I get Christian Bale for my birthday. And that when he arrives he is holding a Kindle in one hand and a hipster carcass in the other. I'm off to lunch with a very cute fellow.

*Update* - ok, I'm really optimistic about Christian Bale now. (Yes, I got a Kindle 2!! You have no idea how geekily thrilled I am!)

*Update Part 2* - I'd like to thank whoever the sweetheart was that bought me Iron Man. I received the dvd (but with no way of knowing who from) and I was really hoping to own that. So thank you! And Eudora, I love love love the black and decker griddle, I plan to christen it at breakfast tomorrow.

Monday, March 9, 2009

clarity is also

learning from a mistake here and there.

Last year I attempted to throw a mini dinner party for my birthday. I invited 10 friends. I won't embarrass myself by revealing the outcome of that (though having dinner with Joe was phenomenal). This year, the plan will be a little different.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

clarity is

when you don't have to wonder if your life is going backwards - you can actually see that it is.

In other news you have 10 days to procure Christian Bale and/or Paul Rudd for me as a birthday present - let's go people, let's go!
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