Friday, March 13, 2009

birthday wish

I'm fully hoping that I get Christian Bale for my birthday. And that when he arrives he is holding a Kindle in one hand and a hipster carcass in the other. I'm off to lunch with a very cute fellow.

*Update* - ok, I'm really optimistic about Christian Bale now. (Yes, I got a Kindle 2!! You have no idea how geekily thrilled I am!)

*Update Part 2* - I'd like to thank whoever the sweetheart was that bought me Iron Man. I received the dvd (but with no way of knowing who from) and I was really hoping to own that. So thank you! And Eudora, I love love love the black and decker griddle, I plan to christen it at breakfast tomorrow.


  1. Is it today? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    PS. Christian Bale has been shipped. I sent him Media Mail to you, so it might take a little while.

  2. Happy birthday!

    I can provide the hipster carcass, there are tons around my 'hood. Hipsters. Not carcasses.

    And...cute fellow. DETAILS.

  3. I was recently watching a special on Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder was interviewed and said he loved Tom's songs - sang them all the time when he first started out - and all the girls would scream ohhhh Tom Petty!! He said with a smile "I finaly was like F_ck!! Tom Petty." and today Mr. Bale is my Mr. Petty :) Happy birthday - enjoy the day. Hank

  4. Wishing you happiness today and ALL days!

    HBD! Mwah

  5. Happy (belated) birthday! I can provide you with . . . good, if belated, birthday wishes. And a web page where you can find all kinds of useless trivia:

    I hope it went well!

  6. UM! LUCKY! I want a kindle so badly! And you got the new kindle! So fun. Enjoy and bring on Tuesday so I can geek out over it in person rather than looking at it online.



  7. Hey, Birthday Girl! Hope you had a great day and that this year is a wonderful one for you, full of lots of entertaining events for you to spill here. Cheers to you!

  8. Happy is the Kindle? Are you liking it?


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