Wednesday, March 18, 2009

it must be nice

to have absolutely nothing to do but redecorate your home. Install a swing set. Create a vegetable garden. Dye your fountain water St. Paddy's green. Fly to L.A. to hang out with that pathetic, unfunny, windbag; Leno. Follow the NCAA to the point where you've got your brackets down pat.

But I'm not the President, I'm busy.


  1. Right?
    What a blow hard.
    Maybe he doesn't realize the campaign IS OVER!
    He must love to see him self on tv or something.
    Has he even considered saving our money instead of wasting it on jet fuel. And sending troops to the Mexican border? Maybe we can invade Mexico next.

  2. Actually, the reason for the perpetual campaign is that his poll numbers have been sinking slowly but surely. His strong disapproval numbers are way up. I think he is doing worse than Bush did at this point eight years ago.

    And if you're too busy to do the things the President is doing you must be a candidate for Special Olympics or something. ;)

    BTW, I linked to you.


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