Monday, January 18, 2010

strange girl

this is what you miss while I'm not blogging;

last week as the guy and I were getting into bed:

Him: wow, you cleaned your blinds!
Me: sure did.
Him: what got you to do that?
Me: because, argh! I still can't find those earrings.
Him: and you thought they were hiding in the blind dust?
Me: well, they aren't anywhere else so far.
Him: I sleep with a strange girl.

He's catching on.


  1. How did you NOT get any comments on this?? I was ready to come here and reap the fruits of other people's nosiness. WTF! -Dawn Summers

  2. Yes, you must post more!

    There's a MAN?!?

    You're obviously holding out on us vicariously living blog followers of yours.

    Do tell, we want to know more!

  3. Lucky him - Looks to be a happy start to the New Year :) Play Nice now - have fun.

  4. I'm pretty sure this post was not here a few weeks ago. How did I miss this. Ack. Post more please. We need the wit dammit.


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