Monday, November 14, 2011


in debt because when the economy started to tank I panicked and took a job that pays me $10K less that I'm used to making. Turns out 10 is a shitton of K's and I can't pay my bills the way I thought/hoped I could and now the holidays are coming and I'm really panicking. Anyone have any ideas on how to bring in more money without taking a second job/ my hours are just way too prohibitive. And yes, I have been applying for higher paying jobs.


  1. 1) Cut expenses down to what is REALLY necessary, if you haven't already.

    2) Tutoring or something similar (yeah, it's a second job, but you can generally set hours and it has a high hourly rate)

    3) Cheaper place to live?

  2. also..if you're panicking because you feel like you can't afford gifts - I urge you to not feel obligated to get a billion people large amounts of goods, ya'know? I'm trying hard to go (non-lame) homemade this year but still find myself feeling obligated to include some storebought something or other gift as well.

    know any chemistry buffs? start cooking meth? jk JK!

    ask for cash donations for christmas? heh.

  3. Take deep breaths, light candles in bathroom, and take a long bubble baths - I promise this too will pass.



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