Wednesday, February 15, 2012

my hot valentine's day date

last night I skipped out on a movie to go to the gym. I gave up sitting (sitting!) in the dark and snacking. Sitting and snacking are the shit folks and they are activities (eh?) at which I greatly excel. I gave that up for fast paced movement, bright lights and sweat. I'm not saying I insist on a reward or anything but if 5 pounds off my ass could be a reward I'd think that was very very fitting especially because the treadmill tvs kinda suck and How I Met Your Mother comes in really dark and I've watched everything in my itunes. Incidentally Touch and The River seem pretty interesting so far but after Lost I think the numbers aspect of Touch might piss me off after awhile.

Are you watching any new shows that have piqued your curiosity so far?

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