Sunday, February 8, 2009

helen keller could do it better

I am a lousy communicator.

I have too many hang-ups. I worry that what I say will be taken wrong. I worry what I say will be taken correctly. I worry I'm putting it out there at the wrong time, that who I'm talking to won't be receptive. I worry they will be and and invariably I'll come to find out I was wrong. My biggest worry is that in the end, no one cares about what I have to say anyway.

That's kind of a biggie.

I'm the type of person that holds most things in to begin with (the above are reasons) but I also think there's something to be said for being able to suck things up and move along. Though it turns it that I really don't.

I let things fester. I get annoyed and disappointed. I find myself completely pissed off when it turns out that my nearest and dearest aren't mind readers. Even worse, I know deep down this is also a litmus test that I use. How much do you care? How much effort do you put out? It's small and petty but if I'm being honest, it's part of me. it's just what I do - it's not exactly my greatest selling point. To the contrary, if I were a house for sale it would be a mold problem in the basement I'd paint over, a sump pump that conks out after an inch of rain, something the realtor would eagerly sidestep.

I'm trying to better. I try to tell my friends when I'm upset or feel slighted. It's not easy. First, I'm no good at it. Second, no one really wants to hear complaints that pertain to them. Third, I'd rather be mugged daily than confront someone. It turns out that the more you do it, the easier it gets. At once a year intervals, it should be easy as pie by the time I'm 74.


  1. That post is you speaking, but it may as well have been my thoughts about myself. And my husband doesn't tolerate that side of me very well. It makes for long arguments that could have been two short sentences. :(

  2. so true; i think we all feel that.
    a universal truth, esp of women. beth

  3. as long as you are tactful and don't wig out on the person, communicating is really never as bad as you think it will be. if someone takes it the wrong way, it's probably more of an issue on their part than yours.

  4. Label me a guy who in the conflict side of the work world can be more than a little direct, even heavy handed at times. But in personal matters I avoid conflict like the plauge. Hank

  5. I hear you. Someone recently told me that I come across as a totally different woman in my blog than I do in person! I guess because the blog allows me to liberate that part of me that is usually stifled by all the reasons you've mentioned in the post.

  6. What do you mean? I love hearing you complain. Then at least I know you still need me. I love you sweetie.


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