Saturday, May 9, 2009

here's where I went wrong

I shaved my legs
I did my nails
I used the 'good' hair stuff to blow dry my hair wavily straight (don't ask, but it looks great!)
I put on make up
I got canceled on
At the last minute

of course I did.


  1. Eh, take yourself out, man!

    -dawn summers

  2. Hate that! Hope you went out anyway...

  3. That totally sucks! And so not deserved. He's the one who missed out.

  4. What a douche...Can I say that?

  5. From the male perspective, let me just say that women do not have the monopoly of being cancelled on (even after a guy has bought flowers or a nice gift of some kind). In either case, it's pretty shabby, don't you think?

    Then again, if you look as time being money, and the guy is that bad, aren't you glad that you didn't also waste 3+ hours with this guy?

  6. The rule is never shave your legs if you want a good date!

    I knew a chick that would wear dirty underwear to insure a good date.

  7. Ewwww.

    And what? 3 hours date? That a lot of time with a stranger.

  8. Bwah! I like you. You should post more.


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