Wednesday, May 27, 2009

cry me a river

here's a pet peeve:
(no doubt part of a continuing series)

people who complain about their largess. Heather and I were doing our ritual airing of complaints earlier today when I mentioned that in terms of 'things people do that are really annoying' this is a biggie for me. It's phony and braggy at the same time - two things that are irksome combined into something loathsome.

Perfect example, the stunning and leggy model/actress/singer that goes on a talk show and talks whines about how awful it was to be her in high school. She was so tall, so beautiful, so talented, so incredibly threatening in her innate awesomeness that it inevitably left her friendless and even *gasp* dateless on prom night. Uh huh... and I'd bet high school was such a treat for the ugly girls. Hell, I remember at my high school all the popular girls were fat, wore mismatched Salvation Army clothes and had never been introduced to a brush (tooth or hair). Our prom was a veritable carnival of freaky looking girls. The mustached, uni-browed girl was crowned homecoming queen. Or was it a very attractive 'mean girl' named Hillary? All a blur. Anyway...

You hit some luck, good for you. You've told us about it, we congratulated you. Now shut the fuck up and enjoy it.


  1. I hardly ever complain about my large ass.

  2. I hate that too! I also hate how they tend to act like their one flaw - has made their life such a burden. It's like, I relate to the little people, who are less rich and less attractive than me because of this one little flaw. Also, no one really likes to hear about the good fortune of others, thus there isn't really a good books about how a girl met a boy and they lived happily ever after, everything was smooth sailing all the time. I tend to find people who over share on how great life is a bit tedious. If you say your life is perfect either a) you are lying or b) you are pretty boring. /rant

  3. totally my pet peeve is when people talk about how nerdy they are all of the time which is basically codeword for 'im soooo smart and can't relate to the masses'.
    pdov hits it on the nail with the those that talk about how great their life is all of the time. it's unbearably boring. i seriously don't know how people read some of those
    popular chick blogs, they are so flowery and dull. i mean c'mon gimme some meat!


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