Monday, June 1, 2009

mmm... lizard breath

I'm inappropriately excited. You can decide for yourself what that says about me.


  1. That you are a weirdo?
    -Dawn Summers. I twittered your twitter comment,btw. Now you have to sign up, so you can respond.

  2. Poker blog awaits your comments.

    -Dawn Summers

  3. Excellent. I am so there.
    Someting about being an 8 year old kid watching crazy sci-fi. I totally wanted to be the lizzard girl.

  4. I'm sorry, what? I'm still mesmerized by Morris Chestnut and his lips... Scott Wolf has aged nicely too.

    Can you tell where my head is today?

  5. OMG! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOO! I hadn't seen this yet. Very exciting And Elizabeth Mitchell? NICE As for Scott Wolf...that guy must be V already, cuz he hasn't aged even a second since PO5. This is going to be so fun.


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