Wednesday, June 24, 2009

(some of) the trouble with being nice;

  • you will end up dragging around and reinstalling two computers all by your stupid self
  • you will have crappy ac in the bedroom for yet another summer
  • you will do a lion's share of the work
  • you will not get credit
  • you will never get that money back
  • you will be surrounded by poorly dressed and coiffed friends with ghastly significant others
  • you will end up friendly with people you don't really like
  • you will smile when you really want to stab
  • no one will ever notice it until you're not.
(thanks to Petitedov who reminded me of a conversation she and I had with a friend of ours who's going to practice being less nice).


  1. being nice is not about the reward or recognition, it's being able to live with yourself. and most folks are really not that bad, if you are already associating with them... tedious and annoying, maybe.

    and yes, *everyone* will notice if you are not.

    -- the anonymous coward.

  2. You think I'm poorly dressed?

  3. No,lilsysweety, she thinks I'm poorly dressed.

    -Dawn Summers

  4. Being nice is overrated and makes you a sucker. Most of the time people describe it. I'm trying to be nice to ppl. who deserve it, others can get suck it. (Even though I never really stick to it.)

  5. I'm glad we decided not to be nice. It's obviously gotten us nowhere. Let's see how far the bitch thing gets us!


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