Wednesday, March 17, 2010

it was

my birthday. And you missed it. Shameful.


  1. i did.
    and i'm sorry i did.
    but you stopped talking to me.
    so it slipped my mind.
    i really hope you've had a great year, that the lack of wishes and gifts more than make up for.

    -- the anonymous coward.

  2. Sorry, it wasn't a "Jeopardy!" category. Happy Belated Birthday! Feel better now?

  3. Fine - agreed - but I thought you pulled another February disappearing act; this time with a boyfriend in tow you were potentially gone for good...Amazon gift pack on its way - now get posting girl!

  4. Ha! This actually referred to a post I had up for the briefest of moments on my actual birthday. It felt a little too... though and I had to redact.

    But I love being missed so I promise I'll be right back.

  5. I kept checking in, but it seemed you were still off blowing your nose... Please come back and catch us up on what you've been doing. You've been missed. Hey, and hope your birthday was a great one!


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