Wednesday, April 7, 2010

the six month shit

it's like the seven year itch but for non-committal types. In other words; the guy and I are over. He did something shitty that I just couldn't move past. Not fuck-a-nazi-loving-skank-shitty but nevertheless. So if you know any interesting (not quirky interesting, interesting to talk to interesting) grown men you feel free to go ahead and let me know.


  1. Spring is in the air - potential suiters lie in wait. Take the time to look around. I see you out for a morning walk. You stop to get a strong cup of coffee. It's sunny and 70 degrees with the smell of fresh cut grass is in the air. A Christine Bale type makes eye contact with you. Instant gradification in your delicious bed follows :) You deserve nothing but the best, accept nothing less. Hank

  2. Sorry things didn't work out. The question is -- do you always find yourself meeting (or being attracted to) the same type of men while you are in search of your Christian Bale type? Maybe I know someone for you (not Christian Bale, alas). I can say more, but not here. You know where to contact me.


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