Thursday, June 10, 2010

oh, hi

guess who is unemployed?

I'm not meant to work. God clearly intends for me to live a life of leisure, otherwise why would long-term employment elude me? It's pretty clear. And to be let go right as the summer begins? Amazing!

Unemployment of course (eh, probably) means a far cleaner apartment, a more interesting array of meals cooked, increased blogging and a need to adopt a hobby. Last time I tried knitting (truly hope Heather threw away that sad, little scarf by now. I think she moved to TX just so she'd have no further use for it).

I'm also now available for afternoon assignations.


  1. LOL! I read that quickly and thought it said "adobt a baby"! You should try poker...

    -dawn j. summers

  2. no no adoption seems like work and clearly, I don't work now. Though I might take one if you know someone giving one away.

  3. Dude, you are close personal sisters with Satan himself. I'm sure he can get you one in any color you'd like. #truestory


  4. why would I want one in color? I want an opaque master race baby.

  5. Sorry to hear you're unemployed -- a scary situ to be in these days. But I say YEAH! to the possibility of more blogging!

    Missed your posts.

  6. a tryst - what a great idea :) H

  7. I still own and WEAR that scarf in the winters, I will have you know.


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