Monday, June 21, 2010

reading list

ok, who here has read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and how strongly do you recommend it?
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


  1. omg! the trilogy is *such* a great read!
    i know it's all swedish and sometimes as exciting as meatballs and rotten fish, but the richness of detail and the plot arc of each novelm and the trilogy as a whole make it erally worth while and entirely satisfying.

    -- the anonymous coward

  2. It's awesome! At first the Swedish references are distracting and it feels like an unwelcome trip to Ikea but eventually you get used to it and the story is gripping. I'm on the second book now and it's just as good. Recommend!

  3. I thought it was an easy cool read (it was my first Steig). It all threaded without torturing me.


  4. Bleu - did you do the trilogy? did you like all 3?


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