Monday, March 7, 2011

thoughts about things that might happen next week

I hate being the one in the restaurant that the waiters holding cake and candle are walking towards. There's something about people who don't know me singing Happy birthday to me that's always bugged me. Is that weird? I feel like that's sort of reserved for people who know you and really awkward for those who don't. Like moving a strand of hair out of your eye or taking a piece of food off your face, these are things that strangers don't (read: should fucking never) do.

In the same vein I think blowing out candles is weird. Because it's my birthday I get to spittle all over everyone's dessert? Uhm, gross. Surely I'm not alone in this either.

So feel free to celebrate with me, just don't make strangers sing or touch me.

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  1. Blowing out birthday candles isn't so weird as long as you imagine doing it before and after you actually do it.


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