Monday, January 3, 2011

In 2010 I:

lost a job
found a job
broke up with a man
started dating a new one
watched my dog have a stroke
watched my dog recover from a stroke (he's pretty much back to normal)
was supported by a great group of friends
got over the friendships that have run their course
became addicted to Angry Birds
became addicted to Words with Friends
learned how to make some killer new dishes
lost and found 7 pounds about 7 times

I'm really curious to see what 2011 has up its sleeve.

What are you looking forward to in 2011?


  1. YAY!!! So happy you're back. Missed your posts.

    Hope things have improved for you since your last post and that 2011 is looking even better.

    As for me, in 2011 -- I'm quitting smoking -- again! So far, it's been a week; decided to take advantage of a cold to make the decision. Could never smoke with a cold, scratchy throat and nasal congestion, so the past week has been pretty easy.

    Of course, now that it's clearing up, I'm craving a cigarrette in the worst possible way! But trying to hang tough!

    Wish me luck.

    And again, welcome back.

  2. my wish is for lots more posts from you - Happy New Year! Hank

  3. Also I need some serious counseling. What is wrong with me? I've found myself repeatedly peeking in on on Sarah Palin's Alaska show.

    Not the whole show mind you - not even half the show but I have to check in for at least a minute a show. Am I eating too much fish? Should I regain the seven pounds I lost? Why is this happening to me?

  4. Hank! I've caught a bit of it too - it's odd, right? She's such a fabricated character yet I can watch.

  5. Missed you kiddo - glad to hear your voice :)

  6. Missed you too! Hope you're doing great sir :)


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