Monday, January 10, 2011

lunatic left

When the left can admit that the Fort Hood shooter was Muslim, that Bill Clinton's rhetoric cause the Murrah bombing and that Al Gore's uselessness incited the embassy bombings I'll be willing to hear their opinion on the Tuscon shootings. Until then, really, shut the fcuk up you blathering idiots you're embarrassing yourselves.

*Update* I can't help but wonder; how many people were pissed off about "blood libel" before MSNBC told them to be?


  1. This whack job is seriously deranged, which is to say A LUNATIC. He's smoking pot with his pink and purple haired "friend" living in a 60,000 person desert backwash of a "city"

    All the while ranting "what is government if words have no meaning", and worries about mind control and brain wash.....

    Having said all that I find he has more in common with the left than the right...

  2. David Koresh - which politician motivated him? I can't recall.

  3. Wow. Way to miss the point...

  4. no, you must have missed the point.

  5. I got to tell you - I was as fired up as you on this one. Within hours of the event the dems were all over it - spinning this tragic event in a failed attempt at a political gain -absolutely pitiful to watch.

  6. All the same Dems who had no trouble voting for Ted Kennedy all those years.

    E -- I am glad you are back blogging. Hope you are doing well!


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