Thursday, February 24, 2011

what a difference

my office floor pretty much clears out between 5 and 5:10pm. This morning I had an eye dr. appt and came in around 11am. I emailed my boss and told him I'd make the time up.

Well, when he stopped into my office around 5:30 and saw I was still here this is the conversation we had;

him: do you have to make up time? does someone somewhere know?
me: I don't think so, I just fill out a time sheet every few weeks.
him: so why don't you go home?
me: I still have work to finish.
him: well, only if you're sure and you want to. Everything's on time and looks great, I'm happy. You really can go, I don't care.
the voice in my head: but I'm so used to working for psychos, what if this is trick?

Either way, I like having things done for him that surprise him, he's so nice, I feel like he should be rewarded for it (and there's a lesson to all the assface bosses in the world).

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  1. I remember my first boss who noticed my thoughts were even farther off in the distance than my eyes which were staring out the window of the office tower. 'Go on - get out of here" he said. "You have to listen to your body and mind, when you not focused in wanting to complete your work you need to get away from it. When your ready you'll come back fresh and focused." It was an eye opener, and I've carried that thought with me throughout my career. Good bosses make all the difference!


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